Our Values

Innovate humbly

We believe innovative ideas can come from anyone. We prefer not to shout about our achievements and let the impactful value we deliver to our customers speak for itself.

Practice extreme ownership

We empower individuals to take ownership of their projects. With this ownership comes accountability. We expect team members to deliver on their commitments and to take responsibility for both successes and failures.

Measure success

Clarity on what success looks like is critical to its achievement.

Build it better

Speed over perfection and results over activity. While we always strive for high quality, it’s important to iteratively demonstrate progress.

Do more with less

We value efficiency and resourcefulness. We believe that quality is not dictated by the quantity of resources but by how effectively we use them.

Communicate with both passion and compassion

We believe in diversity of opinion and thought and value quality interactions with our teammates. We practice active listening, compassion, and passion.

Join Us

We’re building a team that cares about the products it builds. We strive for quality, measure success, and prioritize speed while recognizing the moments, milestones, stories, and people in our joint success.


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