Using Responsiv to respond quickly, even with an increased workload

“Any time I need to do some research, it used to take a couple days and now it takes me a couple hours”

Jaime Jasso, Compliance Director

“Any time I need to do some research, it used to take a couple days and now it takes me a couple hours”

Jaime Jasso, Compliance Director

Need to stay on top of regulations in every state

Multikrd enables companies to attract, reward, and retain an engaged workforce while improving the overall financial well-being of employees. Their digital platform integrates a variety of financial tools with the largest promotions network in the United States and provides quick and easy employee access to earned wages and earned tips.

Jaime Jasso Zepeda is Multikrd’s Compliance Director.  Multikrd is a regulated organization with a potential presence in all 50 states. Jaime spends a lot of time understanding the regulatory landscape across the US, looking at new laws and regulations and the compliance requirements to offer new products and services.

He is responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts with vendors, clients, and partners. He is also responsible for corporate affairs.

Peers at the office have commented that he is getting back
to them faster

Jaime frequently needs to review statutes and regulations. Before Responsiv, he would spend a lot of time on state websites and other websites that have compilations of state statutes. He would rely on legacy legal research tools and web searches to keep up with relevant cases, although that is required as often as research on statutes and regulations. For specialized or delicate matters, he would go to outside counsel for a second opinion.

When Jaime got started with Responsiv, he found the interface to be very user friendly and easy to learn. He tells us that it was an exceptionally smooth onboarding process. 

“Research is much faster with Responsiv”, Jaime told us. Saving time enables him to do way more research than before. Jaime is now able to quickly prepare for a meeting, even an unexpected one, and craft better questions to bring to outside counsel.

“With the information that’s provided by Responsiv combined with my training and my experience, I’m able to have confidence in the answer”

Saving on outside counsel

An important aspect of Jaime’s role is to manage the spending on outside counsel. By being able to do legal research on small issues much faster, he is able to reduce the reliance on outside counsel and save it for when it is really needed.

It is hard to forecast when different business stakeholders will show up with a legal question. This used to cause lots of issues. With tight deadlines and important projects always on his plate, Jaime often had to ask for a couple of days to answer such questions, even if they were not a major project because any ask often required time consuming research. This often made outside counsel the only (expensive) alternative to unblock the work. Responsiv changed this. Now, Jaime can quickly respond to urgent issues, delivering tremendous value to teammates across the organization while saving on outside counsel.

“I don’t know if it’s coincidence but since I’ve onboarded Responsiv, my workload has increased considerably and I’m happy I’m able to do everything I’m asked to do”

Jaime said that he is excited for the policy builder. He’s tried it, but has not drafted a full policy yet. Given their business, creating and updating policies take a significant amount of time and he’s looking forward to the impact it can have on the business.

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